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Easy to install, easy to manage

The New 2018 Edition of the Direkt Youtube plugin for PHP Melody is based on our APIs.

For you means that if we do any change in the plugin engine you will NOT need to modify your install. It will work by magic.

Focus on your website as the plugin will simply work.

Over 2000 clients in 8 years

It includes: automatic updates, fixies, regular updates while the subscription is active.

Easy to manage

When Youtube changes the code, the plugin is fixed in our api server and the fix is automatically applied to all clients without any intervention.

Simply Nice

It will allow you to play the Youtube videos directly (in HD) in the PHPMelody default players. NO Youtube logos. Natively, not hidden. NO Youtube ads anymore.

Easy to install

Easy to install, works with all Youtube videos already inserted or with the videos you will add to the database.

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Over 2000 clients in 8 years can't be wrong. Are you a regular webmaster. Have no idea how to modify or install. We will do it. Meanwhile read the main benefits:

Contact us - DIREKT PLUGINPHPMELODY2 1 - Contact us
  • no more embed Youtube videos
  • no more Youtube logos in your videos
  • you will be able to play the Youtube videos in your PHP Melody players. In HD
  • no more accidentally clicks on the Youtube embedded player and thus redirect to
  • you will be able to add your own ads and player logos
  • no applets used. Just clean video getting
  • easy to install: the plugin needs few files copied and 2 changes in the PHP Melody code
  • offer your clients the possibility to download the Youtube videos as well.


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